Saturday, April 30, 2011

Strength In Weakness

I awoke this morning feeling more tired than I have for a while with a mild headache. It was going to be a long day. Getting up slowly, I struggled to get ready for class and found myself way behind schedule. I missed my 8 o'clock class, regrettably, because when I looked at the clock to leave it said 8:07 and the dread of being late again dragged me down. I hate walking in to class late and having everyone stare at me. So instead of going to class, I began to study for my final exam on my own in my dorm room. Before I knew it, it was time to head to my Speech class, which was optional today...a meeting at Beans N Cream, a local coffee shop. 

My professor kindly greeted me as I was the first student there. I expected a large portion of my classmates to show up, but only two others did. One of them was kind enough to buy coffee for me as well as himself (He offered to buy for the other girl, but she wasn't interested). God blessed the meeting and I'm glad I went. 

The day was looking cold and grey as I headed off to my Spiritual Formation class, feeling beyond exhausted. Class was dull, and I didn't get as good of a grade as I would have liked on my Colossians commentary. Afterwards I took my time heading over to the Stevens Student Center (SSC), where I worked a banquet and then finally, at 2 o'clock wearily walked into Chucks (the cafeteria). My friend Caleb was just leaving as I got there, but my friend Mia arrived shortly after, so I didn't have to sit alone for long.

Lunch finished and Mia and I headed back to our dorms. As I was trudging through the Biblical Center for Theological Studies (BTS), I suddenly remembered that I had a photo shoot with two friends of mine, Amy and Chelsea, in just 10 minutes. Rushing back to my dorm, I frantically put on fresh make up, grabbed my camera, and headed out to find my friends patiently waiting for me back in the BTS.

Thanks to their beauty (inside and outside) the photo shoot was fantastic! I can't wait to share some of the best shots with you! I'll be posting some very soon. This photo of my feet was taken by Artistic Amy while I was struggling to get upside down on the high bar at the playground. I was successful in the end, and I'll be sharing pictures of that when I post photos from the shoot later.

Chelsea and Amy invited me to go to Walmart and Chipotle with them and another friend after our photo shoot. Getting off campus and spending time with them was great! We got back to Cedarville and I hurried to shower before returning once again to the BTS to watch the Truth Project with some friends. Although I would have liked to stay awake, that didn't happen and I cat napped throughout the video. Afterwards, we talked and prayed, thanking God for each other and a great school year!

My night was completed by me running back to my dorm just in time for curfew. Now I'm going to go spend some time with God, once again thanking him for all he's done. He is my righteousness and my strength in weakness. I could not have made it through yesterday without him and I can't make it through today without him, either. What a mighty God we serve!

More pics are coming soon!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Worship on Easter

My church, Grace, Christian and Missionary Alliance, has over 3,500 members and continues to grow at a steady rate! I went to one of the four Easter services, and the sanctuary was completely filled!

Favorite Photo of April

Click it Up a Notch

Make A Wish

From my archives... Which edit do you like better?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Roses, Love, and Goals

Sigh. Isn't it so pretty? I'm pretty sure that my uncle got this for my aunt just cuz a few days ago when I was staying with them over Easter break. They're sweet like that. I love how they take time to show that they love each other on a regular basis. Their actions are often simple, but the love behind them is profound. I want my actions, even the tiny, unnoticed ones, to show Christ's love in a huge way. My hope is that my life is a reflection of Christ and that people will be drawn to Him because of me. That's my goal. What's yours?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Whispers of the Wind

I adore late night walks around my college campus. The paths are so empty and peaceful, and the wind softly whispers across the lake. I frolic through the crisp green grass and sing a lonely tune, reflecting on God's goodness and amazing love for me.

Strawberries + Juice

Mmmm...strawberries and juice. I absolutely adore this combination! It was such a blessing to eat lots of fresh fruit this weekend at my aunt and uncle's house, where I spent my Easter break.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: April 24th

It's late...but not too late!

1. Reflections

I edited this in Photoshop, but it's still not that great. =P

2. Guess what this is

And the answer is...Greek Yogurt! This stuff is amazing!! I LOVE the consistency. I had the vanilla flavour, and I'm sure the others flavours are delicious too!

3. What's inside

White Grape Cherry Juice...that's what! I love this juice, too! A couple of nights ago I had a glass of this with a plate of fresh strawberries. So good. =)

4. Playtime

Well, this isn't really playtime, but I wasn't able to get any playtime shots, so this is all I have. My friend was crazy enough to sit on one of these mini chairs so I told her I had to take a photo. All I had was my Canon Powershot, so that's why the quality isn't as good.

5. Lawn & garden

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

There's More To It.

Tomorrow is a special day, when we remember Christ's resurrection. It's not just about the Easter bunny, hard boiled eggs, eating good food, and visiting relatives. Yes, those are a part of it, but they don't really matter when compared to the splendor of the King, Jesus Christ, who humbled himself and took the very nature of a servant, dying on a cross and rising again on the third day so that we might have life and have it to the full. Let's not forget to thank Christ for his sacrifice and commit to live for him every day. ✞

Inspired by Taylor Swift

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Headphones =D

I use these to Skype my friends in other countries. They may be big and clunky, but they make it possible to communicate with people in other countries and continents around the globe, so I like them. =D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Christ Alone - Instrumental

I finally got around to uploading this to Youtube! Hope you enjoy it!!!! It's one of my favorite hymns ever.

Purple Pride


You're beautiful. Whether you realize it or not. The Creator of the universe thinks you're amazing! He loves you dearly. You are made in His image and nothing can ever separate you from Christ if you have chosen Him as your personal Lord and Savior! Can I hear an amen?!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Soaking Up the Sun

These are my favorite kinds of days. Days when the sky is blue, there are only a few scattered clouds, the sun is warm on my back, and flowers are coming out everywhere. Tuesday was one of those days. Today isn't - it's overcast, rainy, and the sky is an ugly shade of grey, but life is good because I'm writing a 6-page paper on Colossians, drinking coffee, and listening to some of my favorite Christian artists. Actually, writing the paper is tough, but it's worth it because I'm learning a lot from the experience.

I'm linking up to pullingoffmymask's Nature Photo Challenge 6.


Thursday, April 14, 2011


Do you ever feel stuck? I do sometimes. Those are the times when I have to stop and ask God to show me where to turn. He's ever so faithful and I can't thank him enough for continuously drawing me to Himself.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wonderful Weather

Sunday was perfect. 82 degrees, slightly humid, and sunny with a few scattered clouds. I took advantage of the weather and went for an hour-and-a-half long walk down the bike trail going out of town.

I stopped at a junkyard several meters away from the trail. It was cool and spooky at the same time. There were a couple of old train cars and an old car.

Oh, and here I am, all by myself. It got a little lonely after a while...

Numerous couples passed me, lost in their own worlds...sigh.

This poor bee looks like it's dying. =(

I passed cows in a pasture next to the path and stopped to take a few shots.

Then I walked into town and took a few shots of tulips before heading back to my dorm.

Wow, that was a lot of photos! I hope you don't mind. :D

Monday, April 11, 2011

1 Peter 1:23

Here's another verse to share with you from God's word. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I. Am. Indigo.

I downloaded a few free Photoshop actions from Mandy at a sorta fairytale and was playing around with them in CS5. I used the B&W Indigo action on this one. My experience in Photoshop is minimal, but I'm starting to use it more and I love what I can make my photos look like with different actions. This is a shot of myself that my friend Byamba took last Saturday.

Friday, April 8, 2011

It's here!

I'm linking up to Pastor's Girl Ponderings Photo Challenge: Spring. =)