Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Break. Finally.

To say this week has been hectic would be an's been crazy! I finally got a break from homework tonight, and believe me, I loved every second of it!!

Last week I was going to link up to Scavenger Hunt Sunday, but I never took a couple of the photos, so I decided not to. This was one of my shots for the chair one. I'm working on this week's, and hopefully I'll be able to enter on Sunday. =)

I ate lunch with Natalie, well, I should say, I sat with Natalie while she ate her lunch. I wasn't hungry, so I just sat there and talked, and maybe did a bit of Bio homework... She was a bit apprehensive when I told her I was going to take a photo of her, but I'm not sure why. She looked great, like always!

Apparently peppermint ice cream and sherbet taste good together! I'll take her word for it. :)

Late tonight the rain came...

I hope your week's going well! I'm happy that it's halfway over - it's really dragging its feet.

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