Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Night @ the Alley

Bowling is so much fun! Or at least I think so. If you haven't ever bowled, I suggest that you go and try it! This past Friday night I went to a bowling alley with my friends James, Mia, Caleb, and Caleb's mom, who was here for Mom's Weekend 2011. It was my second time to bowl (the first time was at Christmas break), so I am still learning the ropes. Mia, James, and I didn't do very well in the first game, but we got high fives from everyone after every turn no matter what we scored. Caleb's mom won the first game by one point, Caleb was next, then me, then Mia, and then James. They were surprised that I scored 93 points since it was only my second time to bowl in my life.

The second game was just me, Caleb, James, and Mia. Caleb's mom watched us play. My score was a lot lower...54...ahem...but James did much better, and almost won. Caleb barely beat him, if I remember correctly.

After bowling, we sat down for a bit and chatted. Well, I should say, they chatted. I got bored and started taking pictures. I found a pack of cigarettes and a lighter sitting on one of the tables. It made me sad, because the truth about smoking is that it ruins your lungs and slowly kills you. I wish people didn't smoke and didn't pressure other people to smoke with them. :(

At around 10:45, the overhead lights were turned off and special black lights came off for the late night bowling special. It was pretty cool, but we decided to leave before people started drinking and smoking. Sigh. I wish that kind of stuff didn't happen.

We stepped out into the fresh, cold night air and then into our sweet purplish car. Driving home, we were exhausted but somehow found the strength to chat a bit. We kind of got lost and drove around the same area several times. Somewhere, in the middle of that all, we got stopped by the police. They were checking everyone to try and find those driving while under the influence. We weren't so we had nothing to fear. Eventually, Caleb's mom figured out where we were and got us back to campus. The whole adventure made for great bonding time and I loved all of it!!

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