Friday, February 25, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away! Come Again Another Warmer Day!

We're getting quite a bit of rain here tonight! I didn't know it was coming and wasn't prepared, so I had to walk back to my dorm from the student center as the rain drops fell mercilessly on my coat and purse. That was after I'd gone outside and decided not to go back to my dorm, and gone back into the student center, bored stiff. Finally, I just had to go out in it. :l

The rain actually falls sideways in Cedarville. It never falls down straight. My boots got soaking wet and my hair kind of curled from the water. I was pretty annoyed. It's still raining now, but it sounds lighter. The only good thing about the rain was the memories it brought back of PNG downpours, which are way cooler, by the way. I thought about the time some classmates and I tried to get a decent night shot of our ferris wheel lit up for last year's yearbook, and how it was raining when we were out there shooting. I remembered walking home from school in the rain countless times, and getting soaked. One of my favorite rainy nights was on my senior retreat at Jais Aben Resort. Several classmates and I were out on a wooden dock on the Pacific, and then we decided to move to the pool. I'll never forget the hilarious games we played and the closeness we shared in those moments. The times when I had to get guinea pig food and it was raining weren't always fun, but it provided me with some thinking time, which I valued. Always, without fail, my feet would get covered in mud and I'd walk home slowly, turn on the hose, and wash those shoes til they squeaked when I walked in them. Then I'd climb the few short stairs leading to the back door and go inside, feeling sort of cold and icky, but it was worth it. Sigh. I miss real rain.

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