Friday, May 20, 2011

Visiting a Dear Friend

My good friend April invited me over to her house for dinner on Tuesday night. We hadn't seen each other since last July, so it was really good to get together! Her mom served chili and cornbread for dinner, as well as fresh strawberries. The food was delicious! After dinner April and I played Scrabble and drank hot tea. We also had a yummy dessert. I barely won Scrabble and it was a long, tiresome game. When we finally finished, it was time to say a quick goodbye and head home.

This vase was sitting on their dining room table. I think it's really pretty.

This dog is so playful and adorable. Look at that cute face!

Here's April and I before she and her mom drove me home. I wish I got to see her more often! =(


- Jessi - said...

It's so nice to visit friends you haven't seen in a while. Dinner sounds delicious!

Rachel said...

THese photos are so cute !: )
LOVE the fisrt one! :)
btw, I'm hosting a photo contest today, YOu should enter! :D