Monday, June 20, 2011

Duct Tape Festival '11

Sunday after church we decided to go to the Duct Tape Festival that was going on this past weekend. When we got there, the sky looked a dark bluish grey. A storm was definitely headed our way. Still, we proceeded to enter the crowded fairgrounds, anticipating what fun duct tape activities there would be.

Next to this display a sign read, "Stuck with you for life."

We walked up to a tent filled with people making duct tape crafts and no sooner had we gone under cover when the rain came pouring down in torrents and it didn't stop for a couple of hours, even going so far as to flood the lower end of the tent. It provided us with plenty of time to make several of duct tape crafts in a wide variety of colours that included hot pink, hot green, dark green, silver, red, yellow, and black.

The only craft that I attempted and managed to make was this lowly wallet. The directions were hard to follow, and I had to ask others for help more than once. In the end, I deviated from the rules and devised my own side pocket.

Ana and Jaycie had a great time making bracelets and a wallet with the help of their smart mom and dad.

People crowded into the tent because of the unrelenting rain outside.

A beautiful display showing warriors made of duct tape, created in mere moments captured the attention of visitors. I myself am amazed by the artwork that comes from tape!

After staying cramped up in the tent for a while, we left the festival and headed to dinner at Chili's. Mmm.

Sorry, I don't have photos of that.

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Sara said...

That is awesome! I wish we had a duct tape festival around here!