Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's Thursday Already?

I've been oh so busy with classes, homework, basketball games, and not getting enough sleep. Exhaustion sets in each morning but by the afternoon I tend to feel awake. It's weird how the sleep cycle works. Today I spent a couple of hours shooting portraits of a fellow student for a Photojournalism assignment. We walked all over campus shooting and met some friends along the way. I posted a whole ton of the outtakes to Flickr. My first Christian Worldview Development exam is tomorrow so I spent three hours studying Pneumatology with my friend, Megan. We love learning about the Spirit and his work in the lives of believers, as well as piecing the different stories and books together into one grand puzzle. The professor said that his multiple choice and true/false questions tend to contain only options that sound very much like the correct answers, which makes them really confusing. We studied for a good, long time, so hopefully we'll ace the exam!

A few of you asked about the rain shots in my previous post. We were getting rain last week and this week we are finally getting snow (which we haven't gotten much of all winter). Ohio has strange weather and this year the weather is extremely weird, not only in Ohio, but in the rest of the world, too. Has the weather been weird where you are?

On Sunday night my almost 92 year-old grandpa fell and had congestive heart failure. Now he is in the hospital recuperating and will hopefully be released today. Please pray for strength and healing for him. Thanks!

And now for some Thursday encouragement!

God bless you and your week!


Elisha(: said...

your gorgggeous!!<3

Sara said...

Praying for strength for your Grandpa & rest for you! Hope you do well on your final!