Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: February 26th

1. Crossed

My walk around campus by myself on Wednesday taking photos in Manual mode proved to be a great stretching experience. When I got back to my dorm I tweeted: I feel as though my creativity has soared to new heights since making the switch to manual. #freedom #Canon. This is one of my favorite shots from the day. I love getting down low and shooting down in the dirt. It's a whole new world waiting to be revealed.

 2. A Glimpse

Cedarville Jackets rocked the basketball game today, winning 78-72. It was their last official home game, and I was so proud to be able to attend and support the team. They've had a great season, winning all but one of their home games this year. In the words of the cheer, "Jackets go!"

3. Handwritten

My mom sent me a card and a large package of chocolate chip cookies with pieces of Heath bar in them through a lady who visited Cedarville on Saturday. She's so sweet and I love her! Can't wait to see her in less than a week for Spring Break!!

4. Bliss

Stoney Creek Roasters serves only the best coffee and if you buy a cup of regular coffee they provide you with as many free refills as you like. If I must do hours and hours of Christian Worldview Development homework, at least I have plenty of coffee to drink while I do it!

5. Gray

The sky was gray and colourless on Wednesday, but it was warm outside and I was able to go for a walk around campus with my camera, so I didn't mind the lack of blue sky.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


Danelle said...

Great set! Crossed is my favorite!

jen@ living a full life said...

I agree with Danelle crossed really is a great photo!

Miranda@becomingmyideal said...

I definitely agree that coffee is bliss! I really like your gray shot and the viewpoint you used on the card in the handwritten shot.

Kay Rhodes said...

Rally nice photos...I love crossed the best, nice blur.
By the way...Your word verification words are very hard to read...

Ashley Sisk said...

Love the light in your handwritten shot!