Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back at the 'Ville

I made it to the 'ville!

On Sunday afternoon my family packed up our Honda Accord to the brim and drove down to Cedarville (without Jon) to bring me back to college. It was a bummer that Jon couldn't come, but he had marching band practice.

This isn't even half of the stuff I took! Crazy, I know. :P

We ran into lots of rain showers, some coming down in torrents and others rhythmically hitting the ground in a pitter-patter.

My parents helped me unpack and then they had to leave to head home. I miss them already but I'm so excited for this year and the adventures it will bring!

I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. -Philippians 4:13 {GOD'S WORD}


KyAnn said...

Good luck this year! I know it will be a great year and God will use you in big ways. :-)


Melody said...

Amen to the last verse! Excited to see you again - I know you'll do wonderfully this year. :)


Hope said...

Hey Jessica!
Good luck on your sophmore year at college. I hope you'll have a blast! Oh, and I don't know if you got my emails reffering to the blog design or not. Could you email me back soon?