Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2011

1. Me! - picture of yourself (you don't have to show your face). What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2011

I am proud of how much my photography has improved throughout the year. I've made significant progress because I have been working on a 365 photo a day project and I took the class Intro to Photography last semester.

2. I Love You - picture of your husband, boyfriend, children, pets, etc.

I love my little brother Christopher so much! I love the rest of my family, too.

3. Still Laughing... - a moment you're still laughing about now...tell us a story.

When the movie Courageous first came out, a few of my friends and I went to see it in the theatre. Daniel, (the Korean on the far left), pretended that he didn't speak a word of English and made CJ (the guy next to him) translate for him to the lady at the ticket counter. At the end Daniel said something in English and watched as the lady made an astonished expression on her face. Lol.

4. Winter Wonderland - a picture that reflects Winter.

5. Birthday - share a birthday picture (your own or someone you love).

I wasn't with my real family for my 19th birthday, but I had good friends to celebrate with. They took me out to Olive Garden. My family called all the way from PNG right when we got to the restaurant and we were able to talk for a while. :)

6. Friends - a picture with friends (this could be your friends or your children with their friends).

Mia and Anh Thu are such great friends! They've encouraged and challenged me to grow closer to Christ and also shared with me about their home countries, Japan and Vietnam. (I'm also thankful for all of my other friends not pictured here.)

7. I Was Inspired... - could be a picture of your inspiration (person or thing), or inspired by...

God's beautiful creation! He's created so many beautiful things but we can miss out on seeing them if we aren't looking. 2011 was a year of looking for beauty in the broken.

8. Spring Fever - a picture that reflects Spring.

9. Travel or Vacation - a picture taken on vacation or on a recent travel experience...even if it was only a few miles away.

My family and I are in California celebrating Christmas and New Years with my grandparents. A couple of days ago I saw a cat in the backyard so I got my mom's attention and then we both went out to see it. I love the weather here in sunny Bakersfield and I'm not ready to go back to cold, snowy Ohio.

10. Summer Days - a picture that reflects Summer.

Playing with the hose on a brilliantly sunny afternoon in August is my idea of a wonderful summer activity.

11. A Day In My Life - a picture of a typical day in your life.

Nearly every day I spend time reading and studying the Bible. I want to grow to know Christ more, and so I read his word, which he uses to speak to his followers.

12. All Smiles - a picture that makes you smile or of smiling faces.

A few friends and I enjoyed a picnic by the lake on a pleasant October day. I can't remember what was so funny, but something someone said made Caleb smile like this. Lol.

13. Autumn Harvest - a picture that reflects Autumn/Fall.

Autumn is Cedarville is lovely. I love walking by Cedar Lake on warm, sunny days when there are still trees filled with colourful leaves.

14. Family or Home - a picture of your family or a picture that represents family/home for you.

Home is the place where you can relax and be your silly self. My brother Jon always makes me laugh.

15. Celebrate! - a picture that reflects a celebration.

In July, my cousin Greg married his high school sweetheart Lindsay in an ornate Orthodox church. I was able to attend the wedding and take photos of the beautiful ceremony.

16. Let's Do It Again... - a picture of something you'd like to do again soon.

Christopher and I need to bake more Double Chocolate Chip Cookies in 2012!

17. I Miss You - a picture of someone or something you really miss.

I really miss Ana and the rest of her family! They kindly offered to let me stay with them for about 7 weeks last summer and it was such a blessing.

18. Beautiful - a picture of someone or something you find beautiful.

My Vietnamese friend Anh Thu is seriously so beautiful on the inside and the outside!

19. Dress Up - this might be a picture from Halloween or not...but someone who is all dressed up!

Elliv is one of Cedarville's biggest annual events. It's a show put on at the beginning of May by talented students with music, dancing, and singing. A friend of mine, Amy, asked me to photograph her and a group of friends all dressed up for the event and I willingly accepted the opportunity.

20. Macro - share your favorite macro or close-up image.

My mom started teaching me how to play guitar over the summer. I want to keep learning, but school has kept me too busy. One of my goals for 2012 is to learn at least a few more chords and be able to play a few songs.

21. Holidays - a picture from the Holiday of your choice.

I never get tired of Christmas! It's definitely my favorite holiday.

22. My Favorite - share your favorite picture or memory from 2011.

Choosing a favorite memory from 2011 is impossible! There were so many wonderful things that happened this year, and one of the memories that stands out to me the most was going to the Creation Museum in Kentucky with my friends Mia, James, Caleb, and Caleb's mom, who drove us down there. We had a blast exploring the museum and taking silly photos.

23. Don't Ever Change - something you love about yourself, someone, or something that you never want to change.

I love Bethany's joy and enthusiasm for life and serving Christ. She has such a vibrant, cheerful personality and I hope that never changes.

24. Just Because...So There! - share any picture(s) that you really want to share, but doesn't fit in any other category.

25. Hopes and Dreams - share what you hope to come or dream for 2012. Feel free to share an image of your choice.

My hope for 2012 is that I will continue to develop my Christian walk through prayer and reading of the word, and I hope to lead someone to Christ. I also hope that God will reveal to me where he wants to me go after I finish college in May 2014 and that I will get a job over the summer. He's faithful, so I'm trusting him to lead.

Memories, Dreams and Reflections


Sweepy said...

I hope your hopes will hopefully come drooly true.

Jessica said...

Such an awesome post! I really enjoyed reading it.

Patrice said...

Wonderful your selfie! Blessings to you in the new year!

Tamar SB said...

What a great year you had! Hope you have a great 2012!

Ashley Sisk said...

It looks like you had a great time in 2011 - so many wonderful smiles and memories. I hope 2012 is even better for you!

Gina Kleinworth said...

What a great 2011 in photos. I just love that one for fall- it's so pretty.

Me said...

Another Jessica Bradshaw!!! Thank you for the follow on twitter; I look forward to keeping an eye out as you continue to develop your relationship with our Heavenly Father! All my best! Jessica :)

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

happy new year jessica!! :) i hope 2012 is a very blessed year for you!

Jessie said...

Thank you for sharing your 2011! Best of luck in 2012!

DASH Photography said...

Love your hopes & dreams shot! Perfect in black and white. And what a sweet shot of you and your little bro. Big sisters and little brothers are so special. My brother and I are 6 years apart. Happy new year! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!