Friday, October 7, 2011


Most days I spend too much time in Chuck's. Today was an exception. I went to dinner immediately after my Intermediate Spanish I class commenced, and searched for someone to sit with. Eventually I found my friend Alex and her friend from another dorm, who I sat with until they left. My brain was feeling kinda funky, so I decided that going back to my dorm and trying to do homework was a bad option. After leaving Chuck's I chatted with a couple of people and as I was milling about my friend Caleb walked up, asking me if I was headed to dinner.

I told him that I'd already eaten, but since I was bored and couldn't make up my mind about where to go, I decided to accompany Caleb back into Chuck's. (Did I seriously miss it that much?)

We had a good long discussion about North Korea and the corruption that abounds there, including the counterfeit money that the government stole from the US and printed over to pay the country's bills. That got me thinking about money, so tonight I dug up the PNG Kina I have on hand and a $5 for a little photo shoot.

The closed country of North Korea needs your prayers more than it needs your money. Please pray that God would open wide the doors for the truth of God's word to be spread throughout the country. Pray also that we as Christians wouldn't be counterfeits but that our hearts would be sold out wholly to the LORD, who reigns in heaven above. Pray that God would give us wisdom and knowledge for how to be involved in taking the gospel to every last corner of the earth, even the dark country of North Korea.

Enjoy the Indian Summer while it lasts and have a great weekend!

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heheh, That sandwich thingy looks yummy!