Saturday, March 31, 2012

Home, Sweet Home.

I've only lived there for two years, and not even two consecutive years, but it's become a cherished place of mine, a home that I love returning to. The Grace Church missionary house is a beautifully furnished house with a large plate glass window in the front room and comfy couches in the large family room at the back of the house.  I love hearing my parents voices float down the hallway from the study where they work at their individual computers, towards the kitchen table where I sit at my own laptop. It's a blessing to have a father who works from the home and a mother who works part time from the home.

Every day at around the same time, Jon walks through the door, home from another day of high school. He immediately rushes to turn on the laptop my brothers share, and then heads to the refrigerator to grab an after-school snack. An hour or so later, the front door opens again, and in walks Christopher, done with middle school for the day.  He darts up the creaky stairs to his upstairs bedroom and finds his Ipod Touch, which he spends hours on, using it to play games and chat on Facebook.

Dinner time arrives around 6 pm. It's my favorite time of the day because often it's the only time during the day when the whole family is gathered together. Every once in a while there are fights and tantrums and even a shed tear or two at the dinner table, but most of the time there's a gentle spirit of peace and harmony. My mom's a great cook, (which has come in very handy for living in PNG for 23+ years and having to cook almost everything from scratch). She makes a mean pot roast and homemade oatmeal rolls!

Nights go by fast, and soon everyone is saying goodnight and heading to their beds. I'm usually the last one up because I love nighttime and staying up late. =)

Spending quality time with my family means so much to me. I love my parents and little brothers and I'm looking forward to seeing them over Easter weekend, which is coming up in just six days!

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