Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Break Keeps Me Busy

Ahh, yes. You wonder where I've been, and rightly so. Well, I have been meaning to post for a number of days now, and it's just never happened. It's been one of those crazy hectic weeks where everything is happening one after another and there isn't much time to sit still and reflect by myself.

My mom took me to get my teeth cleaned on Tuesday, and today I have to get x-rays for possibly getting my wisdom teeth out in May. As much as I love the feel of clean, shiny teeth, I really dislike the teeth cleaning itself.

I don't mind not having much time to myself, though, because I've been having a great time doing stuff with my Japanese friend, Mia, (who's staying with my family and I over spring break), and hanging out with my little brothers, Jon and Christopher.

Monday night we attended the international dinner that was a part of Get Global week at our church, Grace, and afterwards heard from the speaker, Jo Kiel, who was a missionary to Brazil for many years. Her testimony of how God transformed her from a shy farm girl to bold missionary speaker was inspiring and gripped my heart. In Brazil, she traveled around instructing ladies about how they could be beautiful on the inside and outside by first presenting colour schemes for women according to skin tone, and then moving on to how they can be beautiful on the inside, too, by starting a relationship with Jesus.

Yesterday there was a ladies luncheon and Jo Kiel spoke again. I went with my mom and Mia and we had a great time listening to her speak and then enjoyed conversing with several other ladies who attended and eating the potluck meal, complete with a great amount of salads and fruit. 

I'm loving being home with my family. Isn't my brother Christopher so cute? :)

Although I have been working on homework for quite a few hours this week, I've still been enjoying the break from classes and the busyness of life at Cedarville. 

It's good to be home. <3


Emilie said...

looks like you have had a fun spring break so far! :)


Farrah said...

Love the piano photo!! xx