Tuesday, April 10, 2012

april photo a day: days 1-7

i promised to post these before, but later i realized that i would be home on easter break then, where the  internet is slower, so i'm just getting to posting them now. this project has been really fun so far and it's helping me think outside the box. i missed a couple of days but i've made them up so i'm not missing any photos. below are my interpretations:

day 1: your reflection

day 2: colour // blue sky

day 3: mail

day 4: someone who makes you happy // my brother christopher

day 5: tiny // my true love waits purity ring

day 6: lunch // chai tea and crackers

day 7: shadow

which one is your favorite?

1 comment:

jennifer blair said...

I really love these. My fave is the tea one...but I really love tea...so that may have swayed me! :)