Saturday, April 14, 2012

Christopher // tree climber

Christopher loves to climb trees. Ever since he was very young he's been climbing anything and everything. Sometimes my parents refer to him as a monkey, and often his behavior can be described as such. He's curious and energetic, running around the house at full speed, only stopping to catch his breath and watch Jon on the computer or give me a quick hug. Christopher really loves the outdoors and he spends hours outside nearly every day, often going for bike rides with Dad. I admit that climbing trees is quite fun; being up high and looking down at the ground provides a new perspective which can be so refreshing, and that's how life is, too. Whether you take a step back, move over to the left or climb up so you can look down, changing  your perspective is key to understanding why you think the way you do and why others think differently.

Change your perspective. It's healthy.

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