Monday, April 30, 2012

Elliv 2012.

The buzz around here for the past month has been Elliv. Elliv is Cedarville's end of the year talent show. All of the best dancers and singers get up on stage and entertain the rest of the student body for an hour and a half.

I wasn't going to go this year because it costs $14, and to a college student that's pretty expensive, plus, it didn't sound too exciting to me, but on Saturday, (the day of Elliv), at lunch with Anh Thu, Caleb, Mia, and Tim I mentioned that I wasn't going, so Anh Thu offered me her ticket because she didn't need it since she was working backstage. I accepted the ticket and by that time it was already after 2pm, which meant that it was time to start getting ready. Mia was nice enough to let us invade her room, so we headed over and started applying make up. Then we curled our hair, and Anh Thu helped me to do my hair like this pin I found on Pinterest.

Finally, I headed to dinner after saying goodbye to Mia, Anh Thu, and Bethany, and found a large group of mk (missionary kid) friends of mine, who I joined for the show. Amy came to dinner late so I waited for her to finish while the rest of the group went over to the building where Elliv was to get in line for seats. By the time we got there and took a quick trip to the bathroom, Amy and I found that there was no room for us where our friends were sitting, so we kept walking around the chapel until we found a nice spot up in the balcony on the right side.

The theme for this year's Elliv was color me loud, and there was definitely a lot of color in the show! Some of the hit numbers were Without You, We Will Rock You/We are the Champions, If I Die Young, and Footloose, among others. We also heard from Cedarville's president, Dr. Brown, and voted via texting for a variety of awards, which were handed on site after the votes had been counted. It was a pretty sweet idea to do the voting like that, but it was also kind of a hassle to have to keep on getting out my phone and text during the show.

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Elliv, and if Anh Thu hadn't graciously offered her ticket to me, I definitely would have preferred to use my Saturday night to study instead of attending the show. But since she gave me her ticket, I decided to go. This year's Elliv was better than last year's and I was able to hang out with my friends, so the evening certainly wasn't wasted; it's just that if it was up to me, I would rather be going bowling or out to the movies for fun instead of watching Elliv.

Here's one of the short films that the Elliv committee made to announce the theme:

The video's sweet! I love how the actors painted all of the instruments and furniture. Oh, and don't worry, the piano, guitar, and drum set were donated to the university and none of them worked well, so they didn't ruin any good instruments.

Elliv 2012 was dark, colorful, and peppered with plenty of instances that set it apart as a uniquely "Cedarville" experience. Next time you're on Twitter, search #Elliv2012, #colormeloud or #thatssocedarville and you just might see what I'm talking about. ;)

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Sara said...

That ad is SO cool! Looks like way too much fun. :)