Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Over the weekend...

On Friday night Cedarville got caught in a dramatic thunder and lightning storm. It only lasted for about fifteen minutes or so, but I wish it would have lasted longer. I just love downpours and lightning storms!! The following night Mu Kappa held a Progressive dinner for all who could attend. Our first stop was Pastor Rohm's house for veggies and fruit, followed by a salad stop at the Browns'. Then we headed over to the Elliots' house for our main course, curry over rice. It was delicious, and not surprisingly at all, (because there were many Asians and mks from Asian countries present), we ran out of rice before everyone had even gotten firsts, so Mrs. Elliot kindly made more while a line formed in the kitchen. Our final destination was the Jenistas' lovely mansion, where we had ice cream in edible bowls with toppings galore, as well as delectable cookie dough balls, Oreos, and fruit. Afterwards, the Mu Kappa president, Charissa, announced who will be next year's officers. Then slowly, people trickled out, got in their cars, and headed back to campus to do what every college student must...homework. Sunday I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock multiple times and was too tired to pull my body out of bed, so I slept, and slept. When I woke, I prepared to go to lunch with Anh Thu and then hurried back to my dorm room to spend the rest of the day and evening doing more homework. Some days are just like that, and that's okay. It's on days like that that my patience and endurance have a chance to grow!

How was your weekend?

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