Friday, April 13, 2012


I love living near water, even if it's a stinky, smelly lake often home to dead fish, like Cedar Lake is. Nothing could ever even get close to comparing after living on the beautiful island of Papua New Guinea and going for holidays to Madang on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, but I am thankful that Cedarville has a lake, which does look beautiful in the dark with the glowing cast of the sidewalk lights shining on the eerie water. Sitting down by the lake at night by myself is such a peaceful experience. I like to pour out my heart to God and listen for his voice as a calm breeze passes by. It's a nice break from the mundane routine of school and work, a time to just be still and let God speak.

Do you like living near water?

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jennifer blair said...

These photos look so peaceful! I grew up with a creek in my backyard! I loved living near water!