Friday, November 25, 2011

The ABC's of Thanks

I already shared a few things that I'm thankful for yesterday, but why not share some more? I thought doing the ABC's of Thanks would be a great idea to make me really think about what I have to be thankful for.

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks

A - Air. Simple but vital for life.

B - Brothers. Jon and Christopher make me laugh til my side hurts, sing loudly at the top of my lungs, and provide me with endless entertainment. They are a huge blessing in my life.

C - Curls. I love it when my hair curls naturally, and I love doing Bantu Curls sometimes, too.

D - Driving. Gets you places faster than walking.

E - Education. God has blessed me with an excellent education from elementary all the way through to college.

F - Friends. Too many to count. Each one a blessing, joy, and encouragement.

G - Guinea pigs. The years I spent raising guinea pigs and having them as pets were wonderful. Their unique personalities and adorable little features captivated my heart. I also loved spending time with my neighbor, Melanie, who raised guinea pigs, too.

H - Hot drinks. Not a day goes by that I don't drink a cup of coffee or tea.

I - Instruments. Playing flute and piccolo brings me such joy.

J - Joy.

K - Kindness. Every act of kindness, no matter how small, never goes unnoticed.

L - Laughter. It makes life more enjoyable.

M - Mu Kappa. An organization dedicated to loving missionary kids and internationals.

N - New earrings. My mom just gave me cute snowman earrings to wear all winter long.

O - Oatmeal. Yummy, nutritious, and multiple ways to fix it. 'nough said.

P - Planes. If it weren't for planes, travelling large distances would be much more difficult. I'm so thankful for the Wright brothers who decided to give their ideas a try, especially because I'm going somewhere special for Christmas this year! {More on that later...}

Q - Quiet. In the quiet is when I sense God's presence most clearly. I love taking time to reflect on life and remember how God is working.

R - Ruth. The book that shows what true friendship is like! I also love it because Ruth is my middle name.

S - Summer. My favorite time of year. Fleeting moments spent outside. Cool drinks. Bonfires. S'mores. Heat.

T - Twitter. Simple and never-changing. It's so easy to tweet and I adore hash tags. #tweet

U - Ukarumpa. The town I grew up in in Papua New Guinea. I grew up with people from many different countries and cultures.

V - Vacations. Taking a break, soaking up the sun, getting away from the normal routine. It's refreshing. My favorite vacation spot is Madang, Papua New Guinea.

W - Wisdom. Without it, I would only make faulty and foolish decisions.

X - Xenia. A city about half an hour away from Cedarville with a Walmart and many other stores and restaurants. I'm grateful for the Walmarts in Xenia, Beavercreek, and Dayton because Cedarville's too small of a town to have one itself and I often find myself needing groceries.

Y - Yogurt. One of my daily staples. So good and good for me. I eat a bowl of yogurt with a bit of granola poured on top just about every day.

Z - Zebra Mochas. Coffee with two different kinds of chocolate in it. I always get the frozen kind. Yum.

That took a little while but it was worth it!


{Grace} said...

I love airplanes!!!!

Jennoelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, a day late! (: Lovely list and lovely photos--we truly have so many things to be grateful for, hmm?

Jessica said...

Awwwwww . . . guinea pigs!