Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Flute, International Dinner, and Family

Life is never dull when you've got friends to share it with. I spent much of this past weekend with friends, doing what I love to do: ministry, getting dressed up and taking photos, eating international food, and enjoying God's glorious creation.

This is the dress I wore to my cousin's wedding in July. I love the bright pink and green. It was amazing how quickly my aunt stumbled across this great find in TJ Max when we went there a few days before the wedding to pick out my outfit. We grabbed five or so dresses and narrowed it down to two dresses. This one fit perfectly with the wedding colours and was more stylish, so that made the decision pretty easy. The sweater is from Target, the earrings are from Claire's and the necklace was made in Papua New Guinea, but I have no idea who made it. My aunt and I were so excited to find a sweater that compliments the dress so well!

After seeing this on Pinterest, I had to try some flute shots with my friend Anh Thu during our Saturday morning session.

Source: flickr.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Here's how they turned out:

After Anh Thu handed the flute back to me, I started playing In Christ Alone, so she took the camera from me and took some photos of me.

The International Dinner on Saturday night with my fellow Mu Kappans was delightful. Everyone had a great time talking, playing pool, and indulging in international food from experienced hands, which tasted amazingly delicious. My friends certainly know how to cook!

There may have been some craziness, too. Ha ha.

Sunday was wonderful, but so busy. I went to Korean church, played ping pong with my friend Daniel, did homework, and talked on the phone with my family for two hours.

It was a delightful weekend.

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Kati said...

Your dress is beautiful! The colors are so pretty and those shoes just make the outfit pop! I love the song In Christ Alone. I have memories of singing that in our home fellowship.

Thank you for commenting on my blog! I understand what it's like to be busy and it is an honor that you would take the time to come visit my blog.

Stephani said...

Thanks for linking up with Weekend Wrap-Up Jessica. I'll get myself organized and try to really get it going better soon! The pictures are great. I had forgotten about you playing the flute. I love to hear flute music! Looks like a full weekend!

Jessica said...

Looks like you had so much fun!! And what a gorgeous dress!!

-Rachel said...

mygoodness your gorgeous. :)