Sunday, December 18, 2011

Adventures with Twitch.

Just for fun, I've started a little project. Every day until the end of 2011 (or maybe until the end of break, if I decide to continue that long), I'll take a photo of Twitch, my little ty stuffed animal, and share it here. Some days I'll share stories or updates and other days I may just post the photo by itself. The first two days are already done and here they are!

Day 1 {December 16th}:

I got back home after a 3-hour drive and hung out with my brothers for a while. They gave me tons of hugs and whispered silly secrets in my ears.

Day 2 {December 17th}:

Yesterday I slept in late, wrapped several Christmas presents, took photos of Christopher playing in the snow and played the Paper Game with the family we had over for dinner. We spent the evening whispering, laughing, poking one another, and talking about Justin Bieber. Lol.

The Grinch has captured Twitch and is about to make her carry his sleigh full of presents up to the top of the mountain like he made his dog Max do before, but Twitch is planning on escaping before he does...

Where is one place you would never expect to see Twitch? I might just try and attempt the best idea you can give me. ;)

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Kati said...

Up on the roof? Hahaha...just kidding. :) I can't really think of any (logical) ideas of where you could put Twitch. (He is so adorable, by the way.) Can't wait to see where you find to hide him.