Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: December 4

1. Portrait

Natalie and I hung out for a while on Thursday night so we could take some photos in front of the Christmas trees in the SSC. The reindeer antlers I brought along added some festivity to our little shoot.

2. Nostalgic

I miss the long, golden summer days when I could spend hours playing guitar and flute and going for runs through the park.

3. Time

Last night Mu Kappa had its annual Christmas Party. We walked over to house, stopping and caroling at various houses along the way. Once we got there, we ate snacks, performed skits on the birth of Jesus Christ, and listened to the biblical account of Jesus' birth found in Luke 1 and 2. Afterwards we had a white elephant gift exchange. I was the fourth person to pick a gift, and my gifts were stolen several times. I ended up with some dorm food, which included a package of Ramen noodles, a tiny pack of Oreos, and a few candies. I took this photo during the gift exchange and I'm not quite sure why everyone of them has a serious look on their face but it must have been anticipation over the opening of a gift. It was a good time for all who went!

4. Full of Light

This photo is also from Thursday's shoot with Natalie. I wanted to capture a few bokeh shots, so I asked Natalie to write "Merry Christmas" on her hand and stand far away from the tree.

5. Motion

I had the most wonderful time decorating cookies with my mom on Monday. If only we would have had more time, but unfortunately that was the day I went back to college from Thanksgiving break so I was busy packing and getting ready.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


gotmycamera said...

Love the christmas spirit!!! Great photo captures.

Krista said...

Very creative! Love the light one. So simple and yet effective.

Melanie said...

Very cool shots! REALLLLLLY loved your light shot!

Kay Rhodes said...

I really love the time shot of the serious tells a story. And I like the fact that you made it b/ adds to the drama feel.

Tamar SB said...

Love your full of light and motion! I can really sense the motion there!

Jessica said...

Your Full of Light photo is great - loving the bokeh!

Kathy said...

I love your "nostalgia" (subject, perspective, angle, dof...gorgeous) and the creativity and whimsy of your "full of light". Great job!


tiarastantrums said...

I need to get baking with my girls

SarahinSC said...

Awesome motion shot! I love the angle you took it at.

Valeria said...

Beatiful portrait. She is gorgeous. Love full of light as well.

Terrie said...

It's so much fun to see snippets of everyone's life through their cameras. I'm new to the scavenger hunt and just loving seeing everyone's work. Nice series!