Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Greene: 1st Time Ever.

Bethany, Jess and I didn't go to the Greene until yesterday although we planned to go there almost a week ago. The original day we planned on it was gray and rainy. Our substitute day wasn't good, either because Bethany had too much studying to do. At least we made it there eventually!  I asked Bethany and Jess if Anh Thu could come, too, and they readily agreed.

Our first stop: the huge Christmas tree in one of the little parks between stores. It was afternoon, so it was hard to see the lights, but the tree was still a spectacular sight!

We went on to American Eagle Outfitters, where Anh Thu tried on several winter hats. They were all so comfortable and stylish. I would love one but they're kind of out of my price range.

The rings we stumbled upon at Forever 21 were quite large. Anh Thu tried 4 on at one time to see what it would look like. I'm not sure I would ever wear a ring that big. Would you?

When we first arrived at the Greene I saw the sign for Yogurt Mountain and got really excited because I love frozen yogurt so much, and I had heard of the place, but never been there before. We made a stop there for a treat before heading back to Cedarville. The cake batter and cookies 'n cream flavors were my favorite!

I'd say it was a worthwhile study break with some of the best friends ever! Jess, Bethany and Anh Thu - y'all are awesome!


-Rachel said...

Looks like you've had awesome fun girly! ♥

Bethany said...

Such a fun day (:

Jessica said...

I LOVE American Eagle! I have a pair of their jeans that my aunt got for me when I went to the UK. I'm glad you had such a good time.

Farrah said...

Aw pretty Christmas tree and wooo for cookies and cream <3

Aliya said...

That is one amazing christmas tree! You guys look like you had loads of fun!!

x Aliya