Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lists Make Me Happy.

1. pass me not sung by darris sneed, cedarville's worship leader. he has such a passion for worshiping Christ. love it!

2. isaiah 35. God is going to restore everything someday. he's awesome and worthy of all the glory, praise, and honour!

3. a lovely heart garland. it sounds super easy to make! i'd love to make one with snowflakes or christmas trees for this time of year, too.

4. 100 holiday crafts. lots of great ideas to try!

5. the palm project - no flaws in you! God created you in his image and he calls you beautiful.

6. me playing have yourself a merry little christmas on flute: one of my stress-relieving tools for finals week.

7. the sofia hilder grand opening giveaway that kiley's having. you should enter to win a cute clutch. =]

8. free printable holiday tags/labels by amy. super cute!

9. the christmas story as told by children of st. paul's church in australia.

hope y'all have a lovely week!


Jessica said...

I love lists too :) And the Palm Project - it's awesome.

tinajo said...

Nice list! :-)